Importance of Bird Conservation in Non-protected Areas

Text by Rehan Ali

Photo: Udayan Borthakur

Non-birders always wonder why bird conservation is necessary, what are its benefits as a whole and the difference it makes in human habitat. As nature lovers, avid birders and bird watchers have known through their work, bird and wildlife conservation is of prime importance to ensure richness and diversity of the earth.

It is the responsibility of nature lovers to share their knowledge, their thoughts and their experience to make everyone aware of the needs of conservation in all aspects of flora and fauna. We all have to understand the importance of bird conservation through different studies, field work, books, and most importantly the valuable guidance we gather from various respected persons in the field of Conservation and Nature.

In Assam, there are 5 National Parks and 18 Wildlife Sanctuaries, besides there are other areas in the region which can be promoted for studies and research as bird habitats. The water bodies termed as Beels are suitable bird habitats. You can find such beels, marshy lands in an around the National Highways, villages and even amidst the town areas where one can spot different species of birds.

Unfortunately, these areas and the bird habitat are now on verge of extinction, because the areas are not protected by any means, various human activities can be noticed in those areas such as fishing, games etc. These non-protected areas have a future only if a proper and planned infrastructure is designed for its conservation. Some of the other common factors that affect the bird habitat in those non protected areas are habitat loss through development, hunting, poaching and egg collection, toxic poisoning, lack of individual adaptability and lack of awareness among neighbourhood communities.

There are some steps that any birder can take to promote bird conservation locally:

Practice good ethics

By being an ethical birder, you promote the viability of the hobby and ensure that others will be able to enjoy it and develop their own awareness of the importance of bird conservation.