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At ecoNE, we are aiming to provide a media platform for publishing various types of contents such as text and multimedia articles, photo stories, art work, documentary and fiction films related to biodiversity and environmental issues of Northeast India.


The Concept First


If you wish to contribute contents particularly articles, photo and video stories, send us a small concept first. Please do mention in a few lines about what you intend to present, the source of your information and whether you will be developing the content alone or with a collaborator (Say a photographer/ videographer). Please do share you address phone number for ecoNE editorial team to get back to you. 


Your concept may fall under one of the several types of contents that we are already hosting at our website. However, we are open to your ideas beyond our already classified types and we do not want to limit creativity and originality by our existing categories. Hence, feel free to contact us with your idea and inspire us to work towards making ecoNE a progressive environmental media platform for the Northeast.


Types of Content 


We publish both original contents as well as republish articles based on relevance.

We have articles under various categories such as but not limited to Investigations, conservation, exploration and ecocritique. Our feature articles may come from any of these sections based on relevance, in-depth exploration of the issue, new angle to a story etc. Our Eco Media section is a visual media-content rich collection of content, that includes photo stories, videos, films, video interviews and talks, art work etc. at ecoNE, we are at a constant pursuit of including diversified content based on need and availability.


Writing Guidelines


Here at ecoNE, we prefer a simple style of writing by avoiding technical jargons. Abbreviations, when used should be explained at the first use in the article. We encourage the authors to write opinionated as well as data driven content. 


Our articles may be between 500 to 1500 words, while depending on the subject matter it may extend up to 3000 words maximum. Please provide a short and clear title to your contribution. You may add footnotes if necessary. 


All the text content should be submitted in WORD format only.


Visual Media Quality


We publish a variety of visual still media such as photographs, graphical illustrations, drawings and paintings, charts and maps etc. We encourage sending us high quality contents, with 300 ppi resolution in JPEG format.


For video content, we prefer Full HD (1920x1080) or HD (1280x720). We also accept video content from contributor’s own YouTube or Vimeo Channel, which can be published in ecoNE with due credit to the original source of content. However, we do not publish any video link without the written consent of the owner or first publisher of the content.  


We prefer receiving all content electronically along with credits and captions.


General Notes


  • Please add one to three lines for About the Author/ About the Contributor section, along with your profile photograph with face clearly visible. You may add your personal website or blog link if available.

  • The Editors will contact the contributor if any major revision seems necessary. Otherwise, with proofreading for typos and grammatical errors, we may publish the article without taking further approval of the contributor.

  • We accept articles based on good faith and expect that the contributor double-checks all the facts before the draft is submitted. Our editing often involves minor corrections, and we try to maintain the manner and integrity of expression of the contributor. 

  • The copyright for the visual media content such as photos, videos, art work lies with the creator. The use of content for publication in ecoNE shall duly be acknowledged. However, ecoNE may use the content for promotion in social media.

  • Publishing any content at ecoNE is entirely at the discretion of the Editorial Team and the Editors may choose not to publish some content if it is not relevant to the mandate of the magazine or any suspicion of violation of ethics. 




For any type of content submission, please contact us through email at For general queries, you may also use the Contact Us form at the footer section of the website.

Download Guideline to Contributors PDF

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