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Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Photo Gallery

Pobitora WLS

Photographs by: Ashok Kumar Das

Asiatic water Buffalo.jpg

A feral buffalo in the grasslands of Pobitora. 

Pobitora, a 38.81 sq km Wildlife Sanctuary in the Morigaon district of Assam and at 1 hour drive away from Guwahati metro, holds the crown for the highest density of greater one-horned rhinos in the world. Rhino is the flagship species for Pobitora, a species that has become the mascot for the state of Assam and also a lifelong conservation agenda for Aaranyak.  While Pobitora is known for rhinos, the place is also an abode for a variety of wildlife, especially its extremely rich birdlife, making it truly a great destination for any nature lover around. In fact, it is the diversity of avifauna alone, that annually attracts lot of tourists and wildlife photographers to Pobitora. 

A feral buffalo in Pobitora. 

Sighting a jungle cat such as this is not a very common occurrence in Pobitora. Along with Jungle cat, fishing cat has also been sighted in the sanctuary.

A feral buffalo in Pobitora. 

Grey-headed Fish-eagle, a Near Threatened birds of prey in Pobitora. Due to presence of large water bodies, Pobitora harbours good number of birds of prey dependent on wetlands and other water channels in the sanctuary.

Pied avocet N(18x12).jpg

Pied Avocet is one of the several winter migratory birds visiting Pobitora every year.

Bean goose1(18x12).jpg

Wood Sandpiper in the wetlands of Pobitora.

A story of coexistence: Image

Bean Goose is a rare winter visitor to Pobitora and can sometimes be spotted during the beginning or ending of winter season.

A story of coexistence: Welcome
Rhino feeding.jpg

With more than a hundred number of individuals in about 16 square km of habitat, Pobitora is considered to be the highest density area for Greater one-horned rhinos in the world. Mother and calf such as this signifies the role of Pobitora as a safe breeding ground of the species.

A story of coexistence: Image

A rhino calf in Pobitora.

About the Photographer:

Ashok Das Profile.jpg

Ashok Kumar Das is an Officer in Assam Forest Department and has served as Range Officer in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. He is an avid wildlife photographer and has received several national and international level awards for his photography work. 

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