Oil Spill and Fire Threatens Dibru Saikhowa National Park & Maguri Wetland

Text by Udayan Borthakur

Photo & video copyright to Individual contributors

Photo © Diganta Rajkhowa

The Incidence

On 9th June 2020 afternoon, one of the oil rigs at well number 5 of the Baghjan area in Tinsukia District, Assam bursts into fire, thereafter spreading horizontally to nearby human habitation and ecologically sensitive surroundings. The fire incident occurred on the fourteenth days of a massive oil and gas blowout that started on 27th of May.

Photo © Niranjan Nayak

Oil Spill to nearby area risks the horizontal spread of fire

People have been fleeing from the nearby areas and taking shelter at kilometers away from the site. Authorities have evacuated hundreds of families from the affected area. While the damage to property is yet to be accessed, the entire attention is now on containment of the fire and prevent further spread. Meanwhile, thousands of people have been affected and many of them have lost their homes to the fire.