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Results of Photo Competition

On the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity, 22nd May, ecoNE organized a photography competition on the theme of this day for 2020Our Solutions are in Nature. Presenting here the winner images of the 3 categories of the competition.

Winners of Category 1 - Species in its Environment

Winners of Category 2 - Nature Based Solutions to Loss of Biodiversity

Winner of Category 3 - Photo Story

Mother - the biggest encouragement

Photographer - Kaushik Kakati 

The female palm civet gave birth to her babies in a place away from her own habitat, amongst human. This unfavorable environment demanded her to move on towards a safe place. But alas! the route was not easy as the babies were too young to jump and it was much of a challenge to the mother to help her babies cross the hurdles. However, a mother is always a mother. She tried several times to make her babies overcome their fear to take the jump. She left no stone unturned to encourage them for the jump and at last the three took the escape route towards the safe side. This was a great example of encouragement and protective nature of a mother.

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